Fiann Company

Fiann Company comes from Celtic Mythology. They are known as a traveling band of warriors that have no home. In this series we follow modern day Fiann Warriors as they battle humans that have enslaved and experimented on super naturals.

Book 1- Eagle’s Keeper-Releasing September 18th 2018

She is broken and traumatized by dreams. He is a warrior and wants to save her. Little does he know she will save herself.

Iolair was attacked and violated by an unknown person. She is left for dead and wishes she was. After a privileged life of; parties, dresses, and money. She awakes knowing life will never be the same. Being told she is the first created supernatural in hundreds of years was one thing, finding out her family has pledged their life to enslave all super naturals is another. When the underworld of Scotland is shown she must rise against it or become a victim, again.

Kai and his twin brother Kendrix are one of thousands of super naturals that were round up and put in encampments around the world. The brothers meet with other super naturals to begin a traveling band of warriors. Their first mission is to look into the brutal beatings and murders on college females. Everything is fine until one survives and turns the supernatural world on its head.

Join Iolair and Fiann Company to discover the real reason for the supernatural encampments and the source of brutality against a race of people.

Book 2- Royal’s Light- Releasing January 14th 2019

Second book in the Fiann Company Series. She feels lost and abandoned. He has been searching or her. When they find each other it isn’t a happy reunion. Can their love survive when secrets are revealed.

Evelina was taken as part of the supernatural roundup and imprisoned in a slave camp. She was separated from her family and clan with no hope to reunite. She held out hope the love of her life Kendrix would find her. After over a year of listening to rumors of the Fiann Company ran by Kendrix she gives up. The General of the encampment promises her a better life, but he is an angry man rumored to be with many women. She must make a choice; stay a slave hoping her hero will come or live as the General’s wife and protecting her secret.

Kendrix has been searching the encampment logs for Evelina. He has been traveling Europe with his band of supernatural warriors freeing his people. Even though the only one he wants is lost to him. He reads a report from his original camp, the hated General is getting married. The women has a year old child and goes by the name Lina. He knows Evelina never had kids but the description fits. The band of warriors goes to check it out but is not prepared for what they find.

Join Evelina and Fiann Company to save a race of super naturals and try to find love at the same time. Submerge yourself in a world of paranormal working together to save the world.

Book 3- War’s Bear- Releasing May 15th 2019

Third book in the Fiann Company Series. She has hidden herself from the world. He is a bad boy with a chip on his shoulder. They hate each other from first kiss.

Bellona has hidden herself and others from the authorities for years. Using her supernatural powers to shield her group of misfits from the mandatory supernatural crimes unit. Where their only crime is being supernatural. She has heard of Osborn but doesn’t trust him. She knows he is searching for the only person who can stop the war that is coming, her. When she finds herself in a precarious position she must make a choice kiss him or die.

Osborn has been searching for a woman the prophecy says can stop the war. She has evaded him well until one night. He makes a bet to see how far she will go to save her people. But does he win when she gives in to their passionate bond. He is drawn to her and hates himself for it. What happens next neither of them are prepared for.

Join Bellona and Fiann Company while they establish A new world order for super naturals. Submerge yourself in a world of paranormal working together to save the world.

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