Three Goddess Universe

Here is an overview of my different series. Not the specific books but the world they are in.
Each series focuses on The three goddesses theme of mythology. However I use a goddesses from different pantheons; Celtic, Egyptian, and Native American. They are all over lapping but will allow for novellas and more books.
Morrigan from Celtic Pantheon, Qetesh from the Egyptian pantheon and Hanwi from the Native American pantheon. They all have different main stories.
Morrigan leads the Fiann Warriors, an ancient band of raveling warriors. This is the current series I am writing.
Qetesh is also cool. Hers power is fertility but also sacred ecstasy and sexual pleasure. And that spin off will be BDSM type. Where we find her is super funny. This series will start late 2019.
Hanwi will be the softer series almost YA based. Lost loves, she is a moon goddess that was punished for love. This series will start late 2019 or early 2020.
I started in the middle to build readers. It was a really hard call. But when done it will be long. I do not plan to write a different world outside of this one.

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